How do I know that I need orthotics?

The chiropractor, kinesiologist or massage therapist may feel that orthotics would be beneficial to help alleviate your pain. They may have discovered that you have flat feet or that you’re walking mechanics are not proper which may be leading to your complaint. Most people with foot, knee, hip and back pain, even headaches will benefit from orthotics.

Who makes the orthotics?

Either of the chiropractors will cast you for orthotics. Dr Cameron uses a plaster cast technique, while Dr Ted uses a computerized gait scan analysis. The information is then sent to one of the labs that we use and they will manufacture your orthotic. Your orthotic is custom made just for you.

Will my Insurance pay for the orthotics?

Most third party insurance plans will cover some or all of the cost of the orthotics. Your insurance company may require a prescription from your family doctor prior to covering the cost of orthotics. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company to ensure coverage prior to having your orthotics made.

Will my feet hurt with my new orthotics?

You may notice some discomfort as you begin to use your orthotics. It is recommended that you begin using them gradually, for example 2 hours the first day 4 hours the second and up to full day use. To help alleviate discomfort in your foot, massage your foot with a golf or tennis ball. Another exercise to strengthen your arch is to place a towel on the floor and use your toes to scrunch it up.

How often should I replace my orthotics?

It is recommended that you replace your orthotics at least every 2 years. Over time there are weight and body changes that will require a new set be made for you.